French Language Requirement & Placement

Language Course and Program Placement for NYU Paris

All applicants to NYU Paris apply for either Program I or II. All students are required to take a French language course at their level, for credit and for a grade, ranging from complete beginner to very advanced.

Program I is intended for students with no French language experience through Conversation & Composition. At the elementary and intermediate level, NYU Paris only offers six credit intensive language courses at this time. Program I students taking an intensive language course should complete other coursework in English.

Please note: starting Spring 2016, the following courses will meet 3 times a week for 4 credits:

  • Conversation & Composition
  • Spoken Contemporary French
  • Written Contemporary French.

Students at the Conversation & Composition level are encouraged to take one non-literature content course in French (for example, “Acting French” or a course in art history or cinema). French tutoring is available to help these and all students master their coursework in French.

Program II is open to students that have already completed Conversation & Composition (or equivalent–see below). Program II students are expected to complete all coursework in French. Permission to take one course in English may be granted to fulfill major, minor or degree requirements.

Language Placement Guidelines

Students with no previous experience in French should register for Intensive Elementary French.

Students who have taken a French course at NYU, please register for the next level. For example, if you have completed the course on the left, choose from the options on the right:

  • Elementary I: Intensive Elementary II/Intermediate I
  • Elementary II or Intensive Elementary: Intensive Intermediate
  • Intermediate I: Intermediate II/Conversation & Composition
  • Intermediate II or Intensive Intermediate: Conversation & Composition
  • Conversation & Composition: Spoken Contemporary, Written Contemporary, or Acting French
  • Spoken Contemporary French: Written Contemporary French, Advanced Conversation, Business French, or Acting French
  • Written Contemporary French: Spoken Contemporary French, Advanced Composition, Business French, or Acting French

Students that have some experience with French but do not have a AP/IB/SAT test score or prior university course work must take the NYU’s Online Placement Examination. To take the online Language Placement Exam  please go to: Upon arriving at the site, you will be prompted to log-in with your NetID and password before beginning the exam.

Students with AP/IB/SAT test scores in French should refer to the NYU French Department’s webpage for placement information.

Only students with native or near-native fluency may be exempted from the language requirement; contact in French to petition for an exemption.