NYU Paris Course Details

NYU Paris course offerings can be found on the NYU Paris Spring 2017 Courses webpage and in Albert. Please be mindful of whether courses are offered in English or in French.

Pay close attention to notes (on the Courses page and in Albert) for important information regarding:

  • Course language. Courses offered in French will bear the mention “in French”.
  • Prerequisites. Visiting students should email global.academics@nyu.edu in advance of registration to request a permission number as instructed by course notes.
  • Registration Priority. Priority is given to specific schools and/or majors for certain courses.
  • Application Instructions. Certain courses require a separate application process.
  • Course Fees. Certain courses carry additional fees.
  • Location and Meeting Times. Certain courses require additional travel time which must be factored into your course schedule.

If you have trouble finding a course on Albert or encounter problems, email global.academics@nyu.edu.

All students have the possibility of taking courses in English or French at the University of Paris (UP), in the university in which they choose to enroll administratively when filling out the OGS visa questionnaire. However, as UP registration can only be confirmed post-arrival, it is important to enroll for a full course-load of in-house courses prior to arrival.

For information on disciplines and sample courses offered in each university, see the NYU Paris Spring 2017 courses webpage. More information on UP offerings and registration procedures will be provided at a mandatory UP academic orientation on site. Attendance at the session is required in order to enroll in UP courses.