NYU Paris Specific Registration Guidelines

Students must register for 12-18 credits.

French Language Requirement

Enrollment in a French Language course is required for all NYU Paris students, from beginners to very advanced students; select one that matches your skill level. See next drop-down on page for more information regarding language placement. Language courses cannot be taken pass/fail.

NYU Paris offers courses in English and French (see below for information on course offerings).

  • Students taking intensive language courses are expected to take one French language course and their content courses in English.
  • Students taking “Conversation & Composition” while in Paris are encouraged to take one non-literature content course in French (for example, “Acting French”, “Phonetics workshop”, “Creative writing workshop”, or a course in art history or cinema). French tutoring is available to help these and all students master their coursework in French.
  • NYU Paris students having previously completed “Conversation & Composition” prior to arrival should take all of their coursework in French. Concretely, students must take one advanced French language course and up to three content courses in French. One course may be taken in English if it fulfills major or minor requirements.